Our pledge to achieve net zero carbon by 2030

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as swiftly as possible and being sustainable, both inside and outside our business. By making a difference every day, our colleagues contribute to making DC Advisory more sustainable.

Scott Wieler CEO, DC Advisory US
Executive Sponsor for Sustainability

“We know the importance of being a sustainable business to tackle the global issue of climate change and pollution. We recognize our role in this and we are executing on authentic sustainable practices; thereby positively contributing to the progress of our planet.”

Our targets

We have established clear targets to reduce our environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

1. Achieve net zero carbon operations by 2030*

2. Reduce our carbon emissions by 20% by 2025*

3. Eliminate single use plastics by 2025

4. Reduce paper use by 50% by 2025**

5. Plant 1 million trees by 2025

How we are delivering on our pledge

To meet our defined targets, we have established a series of initiatives to improve our sustainability.

Reducing carbon

  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy by 2025
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our offices
  • Addressing the carbon emissions from our business travel
  • Planet Mark accredited*
tonne of carbon emitted per employee in 2021**
of power from renewable sources***

Sustainable deal making

  • Ensure our deal making benefits the planet by planting 1,000-2,000 trees for every successful transaction with our clients
trees planted to date

Eliminating single use plastics

  • Regular office audits to ensure reusable items are used by employees at work and at home to reduce our plastic use
plastic water bottles potentially avoided
offices free from unnecessary single use plastics so far

Reducing paper consumption

  • We have provided colleagues with digital editing capabilities to reduce the need to print
reduction in paper use since 2020

Planting 1 million trees by 2025

To make sure our successful deals benefit the planet, we are planting trees on behalf of our clients upon completion. We have made a pledge to plant 1 million trees by 2025 to help create a more sustainable future and we have selected Ecologi as our tree planting partner.

Visit our virtual forest on Ecologi.com
DC Ecologi Image
5 months
of climate impact
of carbon reduction
trees in our forest
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