The global robotics market is predicted to triple to $275bn by 2025...

Januar 2020
from the $98bn seen in 2018.[1] But how is this impacting global investment and deal flow in the industrials space, and what are the reasons behind this anticipated growth trajectory? Where historically, factory and warehouse automation was synonymous with large, heavy machines operating behind the safety of a metal cage, the evolution of ‘on-demand’ consumer requirements has forced supply chain operators to adopt a more flexible model. This, coupled with the declining cost of automation and advances in technology, has increased investment into the installation of robots worldwide (see figure 1 below). DC Advisory’s global Industrial Products & Services team explores this growth trajectory and the specific drivers, including:
  • Shifts in consumer demand drive investment in automation
  • Digitalisation of the factory floor
  • Evolution of collaborative robotics
  • Robotics is a global market with Asia as a driving force