• Cloudpick provides AI-empowered frictionless payment solutions and enables a complete walk-through shopping experience at retail stores and SaaS solutions to support store operations, product sales forecast, and marketing activity
  • EP-GB L.P. is an investment firm founded by Epson X Investment Corporation and Global Brain
  • UB Ventures is a Tokyo-based venture capital firm that specialises in the subscription business space
  • Cloudpick already has over 250 stores and has expanded its business into more than 14 countries, including Japan


  • DC Advisory (DC) acted as financial advisor to Cloudpick for its fundraising through private placement
  • DC was appointed to advise on the mandate due to its in-depth understanding of Cloudpick’s technological and solutions potential


  • Despite the challenging environment caused by Covid-19, DC's advice helped to produce a successful fundraise for Cloudpick
  • DC was able to leverage its extensive sector expertise and relationships to deliver for the company’s shareholders