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"I think the playbook in this deal environment is really one word: flexibility"

Hector Torres
Managing Director, DC Advisory US

The main takeaways from this episode:

  • State of play in the healthcare industry 
    After the perfect storm of low-cost capital, high demand for assets and increased levels of private equity fundraising, the market is starting to cool off again. Buyers and lenders should be judicious, and sellers should be optimistic
  • Back to Basics
    A credible base case and performance attribution for the growth case is vital. Companies are being more thoughtful about when they launch M&A processes, and lenders are scrutinizing investments in unprecedented ways
  • Maintaining Flexibility
    Assets are 'tiptoeing' into the market and being patient, after heavy preparation on the sell side, to retain flexibility to make deals that meet all their goals. More deals are being done in 'back rooms' as sellers know what they want - keep in touch with contacts in the market as this may be the same for them

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