To date, DC Advisory has funded the planting of 281,569 trees in the UK, US, and globally.*

But we're not stopping there – we do not just plant trees. View our Earth Day video below to see our continuous efforts towards our Climate Action pledges.


We focus on increasing awareness across the business and take meaningful action, including:

  • Nine out of 13 offices have removed single use and unnecessary plastics
  • 48% reduction in printing
  • 60% energy used across DC Advisory is renewable
  • 84% reduction in direct emissions 
  • 70% reduction in absolute emissions in 2023, surpassing our 20% by 2025 target

Employees around the world volunteered to support environmental-focused charity over March – May; 12 charities are supported and over 80 volunteers took action globally.

The above statistics are as at 31 December 2023 & exclude DC Advisory Ireland and DC Advisory Netherlands.

This message is part of DC Advisory’s wider commitment to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to find out more about our DC Difference, click here.

Learn more about Earth Day.

*via our partner, Ecologi.

To view our Climate Action pledges and find out more about our partnership with Ecologi, click here.