Women are men’s future.

Fabrice Martineau
CEO, DC Advisory France

There are a growing number of investment funds run by women, companies started by and run by women, and companies focused on women’s needs. It’s empowering to see the rise of female entrepreneurs, supported by an increasingly diverse workforce. This continued progress and shift will hopefully drive more women into investment banking, to advise and support these entrepreneurs.

Jane Santini
Director, DC Advisory US

IWD is a great opportunity for us to reflect as a business, and to remind ourselves of the importance of the diversity and inclusion hurdles we and our competitors in the industry face. I believe each of us should be considering what we can do to make a change.

Hiroki Ikeda
Executive Managing Director of Global Investment Banking, Daiwa

Each for equal is brilliantly simple and clear - inclusive and compelling as a guide for all of us.

Richard Madden
CEO, DC Advisory UK

There is no such a thing as the ‘view of a woman’. Don’t let anyone step on you, your added value is much stronger than anything else.

Flavia Moliterni
Analyst, DC Advisory Italy

IWD 2020 is a reminder about the diversity agenda more broadly. Our financial sponsor clients continue to adapt, and the business case for a diverse workforce is more prevalent than ever. Different ways of thinking and executing are staples to our business.

Andrew Strudwick
Managing Director, DC Advisory UK

IWD reminds us that only through working together can we combat barriers to entry to financial services – actions speak louder than words.

Ciara O’Neill
Managing Director, DC Advisory UK

We work in an industry that is typically male dominated, but I have always recognised the value of diverse thinking – determination and focus are not gender specific attributes! International Women’s Day is important to DC Italy because it’s a time to consider and review our values and operations, to ensure we’re striving for equality in every sense.

Alberto Vigo
CEO, DC Advisory Italy

IWD reminds all women to always believe in themselves, even when the world does not believe in them. We can make what we believe a reality, so that the world can believe it too.

Clementine Chen
Managing Director and Head of M&A, DC Advisory Hong Kong

As leaders, we must be relentless in the pursuit of a truly diverse and inclusive workforce to serve our clients’ needs. International Women’s Day reminds us how proud we are of our female team, but also going forward, how much more we can and must do in our recruiting, coaching and talent development. We can only consistently deliver the right advice for our clients with a balanced team to reflect on and draw insight from their life experiences.

Scott Wieler
Chairman, DC Advisory US

Our parent company, Daiwa is seen as one of the most progressive companies in Japan in terms of leading the empowerment of female professionals within the financial community. It is inspiring to see a very high proportion of female professionals across all of our Japanese offices, far ahead of even the Western standard. This makes us pledge to strive for the same here in Europe.

Tosh Kojima
Managing Director, DC Advisory UK

International Women's Day is a reminder of how far we have come, and how much better we can all do to create a more inclusive environment for the women we work with. It's a yearly bell for organisations to look at their gender balance across functions and reflect on their proactivity toward the cause.

Aishwarya Amuda
Analyst, DC Advisory India

We all look forward to the time when representation is a given and not something we strive for and when systemic biases against women in the workforce are no longer in play. As we celebrate and uplift all women today and every day, we must also examine ourselves to understand what we can all contribute to accelerate change, working together to promote diversity and elevate female voices in the industry.

Vivian Zhong
Analyst, DC Advisory US

We strive for a culture characterised by openness, inclusion and diversity – underpinned by each individual having the opportunity to realise their full potential. Independent, creative and fair advice to our clients is the result that counts: the right advice in every situation.

Stefan Jaecker