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From Analyst to Managing Director, we like to think DC Advisory offers a 'different' career experience. Hear from our international team and find out what their DC journey has looked like.

After hearing about DC Advisory through a friend who worked for the team in India, and spoke highly of the business, I decided to join the firm in May 2015.

After some time in corporate development, I was looking to move into a more tech-focused investment bank, so the sector focus as well as the positive feedback drew me to DC.

Joining as an Associate a couple of years out of business school, I have worked my way through the ranks with the support of my team and was promoted to Vice President in 2019.

DC’s open culture, sense of ownership and caring environment makes each and every employee feel integral to the organisation.

I joined DC Advisory as an Associate, drawn by the firm’s well-established presence in the global mid-market investment banking space.

One thing that continues motivates me to grow in my role is the time, skill training and development DC invests in its people.

At DC I am offered all tools needed to further my progress; the learning curve has been exponential. The work is incredibly interesting and stimulating, and I am continuously exposed to greater responsibility by my Managing Director.

The collaboration across DC is something unique to the firm, we’re able to face challenges together, leaning on the expertise of our colleagues across the globe.

I joined DC Advisory five years ago in the New York office as a Summer Analyst.

Being part of a smaller, boutique firm enabled me to gain as much first-hand experience as possible. I loved my summer internship, particularly the firm’s positive team culture and the opportunity I had to work on live deals, and I accepted an offer to join full-time following graduation.
After spending three years as an Analyst, I was promoted to Associate in 2019 and I’m excited to continue growing in this role and learning from each deal and client that I work with. The senior bankers have consistently demonstrated their dedication and support for my career development, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to work primarily across the education and technology sectors.
Everyone at DC is incredibly supportive and the senior team is genuinely invested in the success and development of the junior cohort. Additionally, analysts are provided with a lot of responsibility at the junior level – communicating directly with clients, delivering final work products and contributing to the outcome of the transaction. The interpersonal skills you acquire are essential and you’re always learning about the industry, investment banking and more!

Two of the key factors that make DC a great place to work are its people and the responsibility you’re offered.

I joined DC Advisory ten years ago as a third-year Analyst and helped launch the Chicago office.

I was drawn to DC because it demonstrated an honest spirit of partnership and collaboration and this was something I hadn’t experienced previously.

Since being at DC for the last decade and now operating as a Director, there continues to be a strong sense of collaboration and positive team attitude. We’re working with different colleagues in a variety of locations and combining different arears of expertise – every one of our bankers is enthusiastic in assisting one another which continues to drive a real culture of openness.

One of the things I love about the DC difference and being able to provide advice, is that we don’t just provide a service, we partner with our clients during their business transition, which for them, is a really new and emotional experience. I know my experience is the same as others, but we really work tirelessly on achieving the best result for our client who is on a unique journey themselves, and the most memorable and meaningful moments have come about when our clients have succeeded.

From a personal perspective, I started at DC by focusing my time on a number of broad sectors. As I have stayed at DC longer and continued to grow in my career, I have focused more on the infrastructure and industrials landscape.
I’ve been able to benefit from gaining sector-specific expertise whilst developing at a higher level with clients, guiding transactions from start to completion.

Importantly, outside of the transaction remit, I’ve maintained a focus on mentoring and training junior teams, sharing insights and skill-sets for their own progression. It’s been exciting to watch them progress in their career and I enjoy being able to nurture their skillsets whilst continuing to refine mine.

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