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From Analyst to Managing Director, we like to think DC Advisory offers a 'different' career experience. Hear from our international team and find out what their DC journey has looked like.

I joined DC Advisory’s London office in 2014 as part of the Analyst programme.

I was drawn to DC for a combination of reasons. Firstly, my dissertation focused on cross-border M&A which I found really fascinating, and I was interested in putting this knowledge into practice. Additionally, I’d just returned from an international internship in Asia so the Japanese angle DC offered via Daiwa really appealed to me.

During my three years as a UK Analyst, I worked in the Capital Advisory team and also other sector-focused teams including TMT and Industrials. I then transitioned into the Associate role and worked across a variety of mid-market Industrials transactions, many with an Italian client or counterparty (for instance, the sale of Marelli Motori for Carlyle).

In 2019, I moved back to my home country, Italy, and helped set up the DC Advisory Italy office in Milan. This was a natural transition as I’d been covering Italian deals from London, and am still benefiting from the strong collaboration shared amongst the offices. While I’m working in Milan and have a history with the London team, it’s really empowering to work in a firm where you can contribute to a variety of offices, not just your own.

There are two very clear factors that make DC unique to other mid-market investment banks: our international platform and our culture. We work within a truly international environment – our offices are filled with a variety of nationalities and it’s a melting pot of different cultures and diverse perspectives. There’s a strong sense of collaboration which makes it feel like one team – one international soul – this alone helps us deliver strong, focused and unique advice to our clients. Our culture is also something that makes coming to work every day a pleasure. I work with so many fantastic people across the business and I’ve formed really strong connections and friendships with my colleagues.

The early stages of building the Italian office have been something truly exciting to be part of – it hasn’t come without its challenges, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling and an amazing experience!

I look forward to our presence growing and us becoming one of the go-to Italian-based advisory firms, especially when it comes to cross-border opportunities for our clients.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I wasn’t completely sure of which career path I wanted to take.

I have the entrepreneurial spirit, but not the ideas, and I knew I wanted to work with growth companies in the technology sector. I joined DC Advisory US as an Analyst in July 2014 because I was drawn to its strong technology-focused expertise and longstanding history of working with growth-oriented companies.

Having completed three years in the Analyst program, I decided to leave DC and work for Summit Partners, a technology & software private equity firm headquartered in Boston. Summit was a worthwhile experience but during my time there I realized I missed the people, culture and the opportunities I was provided with at DC, so I re-joined in February 2019 and haven’t looked back!

One of the things I’ve experienced during my tenure is the genuine willingness from the senior team to provide juniors with access to clients and project responsibilities: if you demonstrate the ability, you’re provided with the platform to take on more and more which is has been instrumental in my progression. The level of responsibility that’s given to junior members of the team, combined with the interactions with senior bankers and clients, is unmatched compared to other investment banks. Our senior team constantly shares their industry expertise and expects us to contribute building the practice area which promotes a real culture of openness and investment into everyone’s growth.

I find it really fulfilling being able to work with companies who have growth stories and who hire DC to help them write their next chapter– it’s really special being trusted to help the owners of successful businesses embark on their next phase – I believe we are uniquely positioned to help deliver this for them.

My personal plan is to continue showcasing my talent at DC and move up within the organization as opportunities become available.

I look forward to continuing to build partnerships with clients and developing my skillset in a supportive environment

I joined DC Advisory UK in 2013 on the Analyst programme.

My journey so far has been truly holistic. I started in a period of deep market uncertainty, amidst the Arab Spring and Eurozone Debt Crisis and, at the time, the DC brand was still being established. One of the key drivers for accepting my position at DC was due to the cultural fit I felt during the application process. At interview, I happened to meet with two bankers who were also history graduates from the same university I went to, and it felt like an inclusive and dynamic environment I could thrive in.

I chose investment banking because I thought it would test me as an all-rounder, requiring a strong analytical approach balanced with effective communication and relationship-building abilities. It has certainly proved to be a steep learning curve, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge!

Over the last seven years, M&A has been extremely active and the international market has grown rapidly – so too has DC. As part of the Technology & Media team, I have relished the opportunity to work with many innovative and fast-growing businesses, particularly in software, business information and education, sectors which continue to evolve rapidly and remain an interesting area of focus for me.

One of the things I really value about DC is its meritocratic culture - if you show that you’re capable, you will be afforded responsibilities above and beyond your job title.

During the last year, I’ve been on secondment to the San Francisco office which, as a concept, is unusual in investment banking. This move has been extremely important to my professional trajectory, giving me a unique opportunity to experience West-Coast technology banking and invaluably extend my network. This example well demonstrates the shared entrepreneurial spirit at DC, which has allowed me to make personal career decisions that were supported by the business.

When I think about what most differentiates DC from a client perspective, I genuinely believe that when you look at the mid-market M&A industry, we have a truly unique global platform. Almost all of the projects I’ve worked on have been cross-border in nature.

Many other firms do not offer the same level of breadth that we do across Europe and the US, and we have an immense amount of local talent across our Asia office – this is extremely important for our ambitious clients who continuously seek new opportunities in new markets.

After spending five years at a major Italian investment bank, working with large and mid-size corporates, I joined DC Advisory in 2019 for the launch of the Italian office.

The opportunity seemed fantastic and I am already seeing how flexible, agile and ambitious the global business is – people with the right qualities are given the opportunity to grow quickly and the calibre of talent is very high.

I was drawn to helping launch DC Italy as I saw it as an opportunity to gain international exposure and work with clients and colleagues across a variety of different locations. There is a really focused business model in terms of mid-market target corporates and also in terms of the solutions we can offer to clients (M&A, debt, restructuring and capital raise). This is really important exposure for me to get at this stage in my career and allows the business to be both focused and efficient: it really seems like the business was built to collaborate. This alone helps avoids a silod, un-coordinated culture which I’ve experienced previously in larger banks.

The collaboration between countries works really well and I’ve been really impressed with the openness across not only offices, but with senior stakeholders who frequently interact with all levels of the business. Every day we are communicating with colleagues in all parts of the world, sharing local insights for global transactions – this is fundamental particularly when competition is so high.

I’m enjoying being part of the Italy team who are dedicated to raising the profile of our Italian footprint. I look forward to being part of a local, established boutique who is differentiated from our competitors because of our Asia access which is key to our clients here in Italy.

I joined DC Advisory France in 2014 after four years at Lazard.

One of the reasons I joined DC was its great reputation – there’s a culture of hard work and high quality output, shared within a positive and collaborative environment. DC is also one of the only mid-market investment banks in France which benefits from its broad sector focus and global coverage.

It’s been really important and uplifting to work for a firm that’s committed to creativity, excellence and integrity, with the shared objective to always provide tailored and independent advice. The varied nature of the transactions that we can be involved in is also a strength for the firm and for us as individual professionals – we could be advising corporates and PE funds on the execution of both M&A and debt transactions across a variety of sectors. No deal is the same!

When I joined DC, I came in at an Associate level and was promoted quickly, which has been very satisfying for my career trajectory – I’ve now been a Director for two years and am constantly learning and acquiring more skills. I firmly believe that the culture and entrepreneurial spirit of DC provides an environment for individuals to flourish, and offers ample opportunity for career development. I love being in contact with colleagues from the other offices we offer our clients cross-border business opportunities regularly, and our collaborative platform ensures this is possible.

There are a variety of reasons that DC is different. I really enjoy working for a firm that’s boutique in nature but with international coverage – we’re able to ensure our clients can be connected with the right opportunity in the right place – we’re not limited by borders, sector insights or experience. Last but not least – the firm is run by a community of senior bankers whose expertise is unanimously recognised in its markets, and in France, we’re one of the only mid-cap firms with a footprint that matches a large-cap.

It’s really exciting to be part of this.

I joined DC Advisory France in May 2019 after a few years in an Industrials team in a large banking group in London and Paris

I was attracted to DC not only because of its strong reputation, particularly in the French mid-market, but also because of its impressive track record and agility in delivering mandates.
Additionally, I felt joining DC would provide me with the opportunity to start working on mid-market mandates within a pure-play advisory business model, and in doing so I have received unparalleled exposure to management teams during deal processes and participated in delivering highly tailored advice to clients in small and efficient close-knit teams.

Transitioning my career to DC meant I was able to work for a major player while gaining exposure in the mid-market space, and within a business with a global platform and strong pipeline. I’m really impressed by the ongoing agility of the business and its willingness to remain focused on delivering a clear proposition for clients.

Being part of a global business has always been an important factor to me, having grown up in the US then starting my career in the UK and more recently moving back to my home country, France. My plan is to continue challenging myself in transactions across a variety of different sectors, whilst leveraging my previous Industrials experience combined with DC’s tailored approach.

One of the things I love about coming to work every day is that, whilst it’s an international business, we operate in small teams across very diverse business opportunities offering new challenges, which is important not only for the business but also for my professional development.

I truly value the positive environment I work in every day and the collegial atmosphere across teams.

I joined DC Advisory (formerly Close Brothers Corporate Finance) in September 2008 as an Associate, which as many will know, was a challenging time to change jobs – I joined the day after Lehman’s collapse, aka ‘Black Monday’!

I was drawn to this role because, at the time, Close Brothers was a very respected brand in the market and it was known as one of ‘the’ places to work. In my previous role, I had been one of the first employees in a new business and I knew I could leverage this experience to help Close Brothers launch its Manchester operation.

Despite the macro-economic factors taking place around us, as we were a small, nimble and new player, we had the benefit of not being distracted by internal management and operational inefficiencies which was plaguing many other businesses.

When I think about what makes DC different, the first thing that comes to mind is that we are, dedicated to doing the right thing by our client even if it means we sacrifice fee opportunities. Additionally, our global reach is extremely strong for our part of the market which helps us deliver the best opportunities and outcomes for to our clients. Internally, we have a hard-working culture which we get well rewarded for – we’re encouraged to have a life outside of work and ensure our family and non-work life can be balanced.

Now, as an Executive Director having been at DC for almost 12 years, I’ve experienced the collapse of Lehman’s, Daiwa’s acquisition of Close Brothers, Brexit, ongoing growth across the business, and, as a result of these milestones, we’ve seen the firm become increasingly well-known, strong and resilient.

The security of the business and support from our shareholder has ensured longevity through the best times and the challenging times.

I joined DC Advisory ten years ago as a third-year Analyst and helped launch the Chicago office.

I was drawn to DC because it demonstrated an honest spirit of partnership and collaboration and this was something I hadn’t experienced previously.

Since being at DC for the last decade and now operating as a Director, there continues to be a strong sense of collaboration and positive team attitude. We’re working with different colleagues in a variety of locations and combining different arears of expertise – every one of our bankers is enthusiastic in assisting one another which continues to drive a real culture of openness.

One of the things I love about the DC difference and being able to provide advice, is that we don’t just provide a service, we partner with our clients during their business transition, which for them, is a really new and emotional experience. I know my experience is the same as others, but we really work tirelessly on achieving the best result for our client who is on a unique journey themselves, and the most memorable and meaningful moments have come about when our clients have succeeded.

From a personal perspective, I started at DC by focusing my time on a number of broad sectors. As I have stayed at DC longer and continued to grow in my career, I have focused more on the infrastructure and industrials landscape.
I’ve been able to benefit from gaining sector-specific expertise whilst developing at a higher level with clients, guiding transactions from start to completion.

Importantly, outside of the transaction remit, I’ve maintained a focus on mentoring and training junior teams, sharing insights and skill-sets for their own progression. It’s been exciting to watch them progress in their career and I enjoy being able to nurture their skillsets whilst continuing to refine mine.

I joined DC Advisory 15 years ago as an Analyst having worked briefly at another investment bank in Paris.

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the DC brand at the time but the opportunity seemed too good to pass up.

There are a variety of reasons why DC has been the right fit for me. We benefit from being a large international player yet with a boutique, local focus within the investment banking market – this is very different compared to other banks. Our strong Asia angle is incredibly advantageous for our clients, particularly in my sector, healthcare, where we’re able to connect clients with access to Asian investors.

During my tenure, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in a business whose strategy continues to remain client centric – we value quality over quantity, dedicate long periods of time to a transaction if it means it will garner the best result for our client, and ensure our common purpose is to deliver the highest quality outcome for our client. Our shared focus on clients helps nurture an internal culture that is united and positive with a strong team spirit.

I am extremely fortunate to have landed in this role and have dedicated the last 15 years to it – since joining in 2005, my experience has been a combination of challenging and rewarding, and this hard work was recognised last year after being promoted to Managing Director.

I love my job and have worked extremely hard to get where I am. I am continuing to learn more as a Managing Director and it is a constant challenge.

I hope my journey is one that motivates junior bankers who are determined to progress in the industry – the opportunity is there if you take it.

I joined DC Advisory Germany in April 2013 as a Director after having worked at Comet Bank, and in 2015 I was promoted to Managing Director.

One of the primary reasons I joined DC was that I wanted to work in smaller team and in a boutique environment. I’m able to have this luxury at DC and have it balanced with a global platform and an independent offering. Our strong Asia angle is increasingly attractive to our clients and plays a major role in the M&A transactions I work on.

There are other factors I cherish about DC – such as the people and how they contribute to an atmosphere that is different from other institutions I’ve worked at before. We are a truly open, inclusive culture and our team spirit makes us different.

I really appreciate the global collaboration shared among offices, particularly in my area of focus (industrials). Having worked on a variety of milestone transactions with different nationalities and cultures, our united global mind-set and diverse set of professionals enables us to achieve the best result for our client.

There’s been so much progress achieved when it comes to global collaboration and I look forward to seeing this flourish, which will in-turn provide us with ample opportunities for our clients and their business needs.

I joined DC in 2016 on the Analyst programme and more recently have been promoted to Associate.

What lured me to DC was the tech-focused M&A platform and the fact that, during my interview process, the DC team seemed genuinely interested in me – indicating a really positive culture from the beginning. Truthfully, I was offered a role at another company but I decided to accept DC’s offer as their willingness to take the time and care during my interviews and eventually, my on boarding process, highlighted the effort they put into their people.
Since working at DC, it’s truly apparent that the senior leadership team put a lot of time and energy into setting the culture and ensuring that junior bankers like myself, feel comfortable and that our opinions are heard and valued. It’s a really comfortable culture for people at all levels and we’ve been given the platform to take ownership of our work – the responsibility is there for you to take if you have the work ethic - you really can gain so much experience beyond the scope of your job title. This helps junior bankers develop themselves professionally and also accelerates our careers at a pace in-line with our ambitions and desires.
I really love the breadth of my work. I’m able to work across a variety of deal types, in different industries and different locations – it couldn’t be more diverse. I thoroughly enjoy working with a variety of senior colleagues who all started at the company at a junior level, built their networks and continue to work their way up.

I find it really appealing to work alongside colleagues who have built their whole banking career here and admire this approach – I’m also very aware that this is more possible now than ever given our unique global platform!

I joined DC Advisory in 2015 as an Associate post-MBA and was promoted to Vice President in 2019.

When I interviewed for the Associate role, I was drawn to the positive, genuine and personalised interview experience – it demonstrated the care for individuals that DC is looking to hire.

The DC platform has provided a unique experience:

• Every transaction is thoughtfully planned and executed – there is no cookie cutter approach
• Developed close relationships with executive teams from the outset
• Ability to step up and take a leadership role on transaction teams
• Gained experience offering differentiated expertise across M&A, capital raising, and debt & restructuring services
• Had the opportunity to mentor and develop junior bankers

I’ve contributed to important transactions in multiple industries, and thoroughly enjoy the international nature of our business. I look forward to continue developing my skillset at DC.

I joined DC Advisory five years ago in the New York office as a Summer Analyst.

Being part of a smaller, boutique firm enabled me to gain as much first-hand experience as possible. I loved my summer internship, particularly the firm’s positive team culture and the opportunity I had to work on live deals, and I accepted an offer to join full-time following graduation.
After spending three years as an Analyst, I was promoted to Associate in 2019 and I’m excited to continue growing in this role and learning from each deal and client that I work with. The senior bankers have consistently demonstrated their dedication and support for my career development, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to work primarily across the education and technology sectors.
Everyone at DC is incredibly supportive and the senior team is genuinely invested in the success and development of the junior cohort. Additionally, analysts are provided with a lot of responsibility at the junior level – communicating directly with clients, delivering final work products and contributing to the outcome of the transaction. The interpersonal skills you acquire are essential and you’re always learning about the industry, investment banking and more!

Two of the key factors that make DC a great place to work are its people and the responsibility you’re offered.

I joined DC Advisory in 2017 as a Summer Analyst in the Washington DC office.

I was drawn to applying for the role for three reasons: my interest in the technology and software sector, the office’s close proximity to my family in Virginia, and strong feedback from a friend who recently completed the internship program.
A few months into my internship, it was announced that Daiwa was acquiring both Signal Hill and Sagent Advisors, adding each bank to the global M&A operation ‘DC Advisory’. One of the things that’s been really great to witness is the ongoing commitment to evolving with the global business, whilst ensuring each prior firms’ core values are front of mind. My full time class was the first fully combined Signal Hill and Sagent Analyst class under the DC Advisory US platform – while there was a bit of trial and error during the initial consolidation process, we’ve evolved to now-seamless collaboration both across the US and throughout the other international offices as well.
During my two years as a full time Analyst, I’ve enjoyed our firm’s open and collaborative environment – our firm is highly connected, allowing us to work with anyone on any project at any time in any location.

It’s great to be able to leverage different ideas, people and relationships to help our clients, and I’m excited to see our future growth during my third year!

I joined DC Advisory US in 2010 in the Analyst programme.

I was immediately drawn to the firm’s international platform and the people I met during the interview process – the culture seemed like the right fit. Having spent three years in the Analyst programme, a few things became apparent:

• This is a workplace where typical investment banking skills are developed, yet in an atypical investment banking environment – my senior bankers are highly invested in my personal development, ensuring I am learning and growing on a daily basis
• Our focus on the mid-market means our clients are frequently more growth-orientated with a variety of different backgrounds, often founder-owned, which gives us the opportunity to become part of their journey – nothing is more rewarding than seeing our clients’ dreams realized

In 2015, I went back to business school full-time for my MBA, during which I completed summer programmes at The Carlyle Group and at an early-stage software start-up – I was able to experience being in the shoes of two of our most common clients: private equity and a high-growth start-up company!

These experiences helped me realise that I enjoyed the people, culture and clients at DC – so I decided to re-join after graduating in 2015 as an Associate. Our culture remains one of the core principles as we put people first, both our clients and our team. There is a caring attitude that starts at the senior team and permeates across all levels of the firm.

DC’s unique global platform is a fantastic opportunity for junior bankers, providing international exposure and adding a layer of depth to our day-to-day. We have significant access to Europe and Asia and ongoing opportunities to experience a variety of interesting domestic and cross-border transactions.

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