Leveraging on more than 30 years of experience in the tourism industry and majority owned by Siparex Private Equity, Andera Partners, Calixte (Crédit Agricole Centre-Est) and the management team, Marietton Developpement has established itself as the largest integrated travel company in France, with over €1.3bn business volume and 4.5m transactions in 2017 and still numerous opportunities lying ahead.

In the course of 2017, DC Advisory was appointed by the shareholders of Marietton for the considered exit of financial shareholders of the Group.

Thanks to its wide footprint in North America through American Express GBT, its ability to support the Group both in its development and future growth strategy, shareholders have decided to retain Certares LP (US-based Private Equity fund) as a new minority shareholder.

Bpifrance (French sovereign fund) and Africinvest (Tunisian investment fund) have also taken part in the transaction as minority shareholders, ensuring an institutional support to the Marietton Group both in Europe and Africa.

These new partnerships should allow the Marietton Group to start its next development phase with numerous opportunities for organic and external growth, and thus complete its geographical coverage.