• Asirrera is a Japanese provider of innovative IT solutions, including Robo Operator – a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution - and RoboManager – a robotic process management system
  • PKSHA Technology Inc. (PKSHA) is an algorithm solutions developer, primarily focused on natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning / deep learning technologies


  • DC Advisory (DC) acted as financial advisor to the shareholders of Asirrera, delivering a tailor-made process through which they devoted full support to the shareholders by facilitating close communications with bidders
  • Asirrera's share transfer will be divided into two parts: the former transaction occurring on May 31, 2021; and the latter transaction scheduled to transfer on May 31, 2023


  • Despite the challenging environment caused by Covid-19, DC was able to provide a successful outcome for Asirrera
  • DC was able to leverage its extensive sector and market expertise to deliver for the company’s shareholders