Deal Descrption

  • DC Advisory (DC) was appointed as financial advisor by CLSA Capital Partners (CLSA), with whom there is a strong existing relationship

  • DC proposed potential bidders by leveraging its strong sector expertise and broad client relationships

  • Through careful communication with the seller, target company, and buyer, DC was able to foster a competitive deal environment and convey the strengths of the target company to the buyer, helping to maximize the sale price for CLSA

Background / Outcome

  • House Partner is a Japanese real estate company, established in 2002, with 29 locations across Chiba, Tokyo, and Saitama prefectures

  • House Partner has been ranked No. 1 in the Kanto region (excluding Tokyo), under the National Rental Housing Newspaper annual ranking, and maintained top spot within Chiba prefecture for 12 consecutive years

  • House Partners’ is building a strong business model by fusing their brokerage business, which boasts a high contract rate, with the management and repair businesses, to build a relationship of trust with the property owners

  • Since investing in House Partner in August 2018, CLSA has supported the overall management of the company by improving and strengthening the organizational structure, supporting the recruitment of human resources, and making additional acquisitions

  • TTLC is an investment fund established by TEPCO, and to support the further expansion of House Partner, TTLC will develop its human resources, including management personnel, and provide know-how and network