• Established in 2013, Dazia Capital specialises in investing in value added residential projects in Spain. Local presence and specialised knowledge have allowed the group to invest its own capital in 162 projects (13 in Madrid and 3 located in the Costa del Sol), totalling 86.000 square meters, over 500 homes and 30 retail units
  • The Group’s strategy comprises further growth in Madrid and Costa del Sol, as well as acquisitions in other main cities within the Spanish territory
  • Chenavari is a group of alternative investment management companies focused on a broad range of credit, structured finance, real estate and private debt strategies across the liquidity spectrum. The firm is based in London and has additional offices in Luxembourg, Hong Kong and New York


  • DC Advisory was engaged by Dazia Capital in January 2017 to look for a financial partner with the objective of obtaining financial support to develop their business plan
  • Following a bespoke process, DC Advisory ran a process focused on international financial investors, building on the sector expertise and its international network
  • Dazia and Chenavari have agreed to participate together in a new housing development in Madrid. The project of 8,000 sqm will have 90 homes, garages and green areas