• Decora, founded in Brazil in 2012, provides 3D rendering solutions that significantly drive conversion rates – whether online or in-store
  • The Company’s unique business model utilizes a proprietary platform to crowdsource 3D modelers, enabling scale to build 3D models that can seamlessly drop into 3D renderings, greatly reducing the cost and production time for computer generated images
  • Serving marquee brands and retailers, Decora’s CGI engine offers product imagery, visual scenes, 360-degree videos and augmented reality ready files making content future proof for today and tomorrow’s consumer engagements


  • DC Advisory worked with former affiliate, ICG Partners, to identify and connect with potential U.S.-based buyers given DC’s network and experience across Internet platforms, e-Commerce & marketplaces and marketing technology


  • CreativeDrive acquired Decora in March 2018
  • CreativeDrive, a portfolio company of Bertram Capital Management, is a global, independent creative and content creation company offering one of the largest studio networks with an interconnected team of dedicated creative directors, photographers, artists, motion graphic designers, engineers and specialists
  • It operates over 150 production studios around the world, is expanding its service capabilities with the addition of Decora’s scalable CGI and augmented reality content production capabilities