Kelling Group (“Kelling”), backed by Elysian Capital (“Elysian”), is a specialist hire group focused on niche segments of plant and vehicle hire which provide long-term hire opportunities.

After a three year investment period, shareholders engaged DC Advisory (“DC”) in early 2017 to advise on a sale of the business.

Elysian received a number of serious and early approaches, recognising the quality of the business.

One of these approaches was from the infrastructure fund, Alinda Capital Partners ("Alinda"). The DC team recognised the credibility and deliverability of Alinda’s approach and, as a result, granted access ahead of a formal process.

The transaction signed on 12 January 2018.

Alinda is well placed to support Kelling’s future growth strategy given the fund’s infrastructure focus. The existing management team, led by CEO John Wood, will continue to drive the business through its next period of investment.

DC Advisory did a great job in really articulating the strengths of the business and in identifying Alinda as the right partner for the next phase of Kelling’s growth. We are delighted with the outcome.

Ken Terry
CEO at Elysian

We have been very impressed by Kelling Group over a period of several years, and really believed there was an opportunity to achieve a great result for shareholders by showcasing the strengths of the business to a different audience than normal. We are thrilled to have introduced Alinda as the next partner for Kelling’s growth.

Richard Pulford
Managing Director at DC Advisory