DC Advisory (DC) advised Havelock Investments Limited and Aspirit Group Holdings Ltd on pre-IPO fund raising that resulted in a private equity injection by RRJ Capital into Havelock Investments Limited, the holding company of Jing King.

Jing King provides smart card and other banking solutions predominantly in the PRC market as well as acting as OEM supplier to international smart card solutions providers such as Gemalto, Morpho, G&D and Oberthur.

With the private equity funding raised from RRJ, Jing King can now focus on capacity expansion as well as business growth as the PRC market’s demand for smart card and banking solutions increases.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in PRC Shenzhen and Dongguan, Jing King has close to 780 employees.

Jing King is ranked 8th and 13th globally for SIM telephone card and payment card respectively in terms of shipment volume.  In the payment card category, Jing King is ranked second worldwide for ATM and debit cards.

Jing King provides end-to-end value-added card manufacturing including card body manufacturing, embedding and card personalization services.

Havelock is one of the few companies in China with a comprehensive list of accreditations and qualifications across the banking and telecom industries resulting in significant barriers to entry.

China’s bank and social security card market is set for exponential growth in the future and Jing King is well positioned to capture this growth.