• JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation (JX) is a global metals company that offers resource development, advanced metals fabrication, metals processing, and recycling of electronic equipment
  • eCycle Solutions Inc. (eCycle) is a Canadian electronic waste (e-waste) recycling solutions provider that collects and processes used electronics devices and materials for recycling, and provides information technology asset disposition services
  • JX is a subsidiary of ENEOS Holdings, Inc., a global company operating in the renewable energy, oil & gas, and metals sectors, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with over 40,000 employees worldwide


  • DC Advisory (DC) was exclusively engaged by JX to advise on their acquisition of eCycle, due to its Industrials and Infrastructure sector expertise
  • DC provided JX with transaction support through the entire transaction process, as well as meaningful insights related to significant sector trends, growth drivers and market perspectives


  • JX completed its acquisition of eCycle on August 2, 2022
  • The transaction will enable JX to collect and process more recyclable materials, in support of its sustainable global economic development mission
  • The acquisition will also help to ensure procurement of recycled materials in North America over the long-term for JX, and allows JX to support the circular economy and strengthen relationships with manufacturers of electronic devices in utilizing recycled materials

“Assisting JX in this strategic transaction has not only allowed our team to serve an important client, but also facilitate the combination of these companies in support of global ESG-relevant themes - including sustainability, recycling and responsible e-waste management.”

Matt Storkman
Director, DC Advisory US