• Nexteam Group (Nexteam) is focused on the design, manufacture and support of mainly metal parts in the Aerospace & Defense industry
  • Nexteam is controlled by the management team / founding families with minority stakes held by Tikehau and ACE
  • Nexteam has 1,500 employees across 11 production sites in France, Poland, Romania and Morocco
  • Ventana Group (Ventana) designs and manufactures high value-added metal components and assemblies across its three divisions (foundry, mechanics and mechanical welding) for the Aerospace, Defense and Energy industries
  • Ventana is owned by Ernst Lemberger, Gérard Russo and Guy Kilhoffer
  • Ventana has 900 employees across 11 production sites in France, Sweden, Austria, Portugal and Tunisia 


  • DC Advisory (DC) acted as the exclusive advisor to Nexteam on its merger with Ventana


  • This transaction will create a leading industrial player in the Aerospace & Defense industry 
  • The combined group is expected to reach its 2019 pre-crisis level of €315m revenue in 2023-24, with 2,400 employees across 22 production sites in eight countries (France, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia) 
  • This transaction demonstrates DC's extensive expertise in the Aerospace & Defense industry 

"Our capital strengthening is a guarantee for the teams of the new entity of our confidence in the future. With this merger between two solid market players, which combines complementary industrial skills and a common vision of the role of innovation in our businesses, we intend to play a full part in the economic recovery of the sector. ”

Ludovic Asquini
Chairman, Nexteam Group