• Secop is a leader in the European market for household refrigeration compressors and a global leader in light commercial and DC refrigeration compressors
  • Secop’s slim-type, variable-speed compressors allow refrigerators to have a larger storage space and energy-efficient features. In all areas, the company benefits from the ongoing trend towards energy efficiency and sustainable refrigerant technologies
  • Founded in 1956 and acquired in 2010 by Aurelius from Danish Danfoss Group, Secop has global operations in Germany, Slovakia, China, US, Italy and Austria with over 2,200 employees serving its customers worldwide
  • Founded in 1973 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nidec Corporation (Nidec) is the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer specializing in small precision to supersized motors for industrial applications and has a market capitalization of JPY 2.9tn / EUR 25.2bn


  • For Nidec this strategic acquisition is adding compressors to its product portfolio, which allows the Company to expand further into the refrigeration market
  • In addition, Nidec’s market leading brushless DC motor technology will augment Secop’s competitive advantages with regard to ever stricter environmental regulations in major regions like Europe, Americas and China, which are stimulating the customer demand for eco-conscious and space-saving refrigeration compressors

Furthermore, because motors and compressors have similarities in terms of the nature of components used, Nidec expects to reduce procurement costs by taking advantage of synergies of Nidec group’s purchase capabilities.