DC US is pleased to announce that its client PNMsoft has been acquired by Genpact (NYSE: G), a global leader in digitally-powered business process management (BPM) and services. PNMsoft is a Gartner Magic Quadrant-rated dynamic workflow, case management and work optimization solutions provider based in Israel.

PNMsoft will act as a core component of Genpact’s digital portfolio whose roadmap comprises close to 100 digital solution components.

Genpact’s industry experience enhances PNMsoft offerings with vertical and horizontal frameworks, as well as optional advanced technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Intelligence and Advanced Visualization.

Genpact’s global footprint, horizontal and vertical solutions and expertise, combined with our products and services, will allow us to help a wider range of clients further transform their operations. We will support our current clients with more resources, invest more in our technology, and provide solutions to Genpact clients. Our goal is to become the world leader in BPM and dynamic workflow.

Gal Horvitz
CEO of PNMsoft