• Tokico System Solutions (Tokico) is a manufacturer and supplier of products for the energy infrastructure and engineering industry
  • Amid drastic changes in the environment of the energy industry, Tokico achieved stable business profits by leveraging its advanced technological capabilities and hazardous materials facilities
  • Iwatani Corporation (Iwatani) supplies gases for industrial and household use, as well as fuel, consumer products, industrial materials, minerals, and medical products
  • Iwatani aims to aid in the creation of a CO2-free society through the procurement and utilization of inexpensive and large amounts of CO2-free hydrogen for power generation


  • DC Advisory (DC) was engaged by Polaris Capital Group (Polaris) to advise on the sale of Tokico to Iwatani


  • With this transaction, Iwatani hopes to grow and collaborate in the engineering space with Tokico, sharing resources and technologies to develop new markets as well as continue to expand in already established regions
  • The transaction is scheduled to be completed on April 1, 2022 subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval