• Founded in 1990, Precocinados Fuentetaja is a Spanish family-owned company specialised in the production and commercialisation of ready meals, such as omelettes, pizza and salads, in the retail channel
  • With 150 employees, Fuentetaja is the market leader in the omelette category in Spain and a relevant player in pizzas and salads. The Company operates two production facilities in Madrid and Segovia and exports its products to the European Union, USA and Mexico
  • Owned by The Carlyle Group and its management team since 2015, Palacios Alimentación (Palacios) is a Spanish-based food company that produces ready-meals, pizzas, omelettes, desserts and chorizos. With four production plants in Spain and c. 700 employees, Palacios commercialises its products in five continents


  • DC Advisory was mandated as exclusive strategic and financial advisor to the shareholders of Fuentetaja in its negotiations with Palacios Alimentación
  • DC Advisory supported the shareholders of Fuentetaja in the design and implementation of a highly tailored process, aimed to achieving successful terms in the negotiations with a direct competitor


  • The combination of Palacios and Fuentetaja creates the Spanish market leader in ready meals with presence in the majority of Spanish food retailers