DC Advisory* is pleased to announce that its client Prelert, a leading provider of behavioral analytics technology, has been acquired by Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, the most widely used collection of open source products for solving mission-critical use cases like search, logging, and analytics.

Many companies are storing large amounts of structured and unstructured data in Elasticsearch, and search is becoming the foundation for many to address their most complex use cases. Prelert built an Elastic Stack integration to provide Elasticsearch users with an automated way to understand the “why” in their data and take action on “difficult to see” insights. Combining Elastic’s Kibana user interface framework and Prelert’s behavioral analytics technology, customers are able to solve common problems in their continuous and ever-growing data.

With the shift to enterprises standardizing on open source solutions like the Elastic Stack for logging and security use cases, we saw a tremendous opportunity to add value on top of the Elastic Stack. We are very excited to join the Elastic team and embed our behavioral analytics engine into the Elastic Stack so that Elastic’s customers can gain powerful and proactive insights, and solve new use cases.

Steve Dodson
Prelert Founder and CTO

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