• Sharp Corporation (Sharp) is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products
  • Sakai Display Products (SDP) develops, manufactures, and markets liquid crystal displays (LCD), panels, and televisions
  • Sharp has procured large size LCD panels from SDP since the start of SDP’s establishment in 2009


  • Sharp held discussions with World Praise Limited (WPL), the majority shareholder of SDP, with the objective to acquire SDP shares owned by WPL

  • DC Advisory (DC) was engaged by Sharp and acted as a sole financial advisor to the company


  • On 3 March 2022, Sharp agreed to acquire the SDP shares held by WPL subject to customary closing conditions 

  • Sharp already held a 20% stake in SDP and with this transaction, will become its 100% shareholder

  • This transaction will aid in Sharp’s goal of expanding its global large size TV and professional display business to meet increasing global demand