• Orliman is the leading Spanish manufacturer and distributor of non-invasive orthopedic devices. The company’s products are used in the prevention of injury, treatment of chronic conditions and for recovery after surgery or injury
  • Based in Valencia Spain, Orliman manufactures a broad portfolio of devices for the upper limb, torso and lower limb including both standard as well as made-to-measure products
  • After investing in Orliman in 2010, Riverside expanded the company considerably through both organic growth and integration of add-on acquisition. These efforts helped to extend Orliman’s leadership position in the Spanish market and accelerated the company’s transformation into the leading player in Southern Europe
  • Today, Orliman sells in more than 40 countries and 70% of sales are generated outside of Spain
  • The Riverside Company is a global private equity firm focused on investing in and acquiring growing businesses valued at up to $300 million. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in more than 400 transactions. The firm’s international portfolio includes more than 80 companies


  • DC Advisory were engaged by Riverside as exclusive financial advisors to conduct the sale process of Orliman
  • The process was launched following a market-testing exercise, with a small group of motivated, qualified bidders
  • In parallel to the M&A sales process, DC Advisory contacted a handful of lending funds to provide indicative financing terms to private equity bidders
  • Following a tailored international competitive process, Magnum Capital Industrial Partners agreed to acquire Orliman
  • The sale represents a great exit for Riverside following the transformation of the Company from a family-owned business to a growing international enterprise during their hold period