WALTHAM, Mass., March 4, 2014 — Rocket Software (www.rocketsoftware.com) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Trubiquity, a leader in managed file transfer and information logistics.  Since its inception in 1995, Trubiquity has established a strong track record of success, and now securely manages the exchange of approximately one million transactions every month for over 6,500 customers in 40+ countries. The solutions from Trubiquity are a strong complement to Rocket data access and integration solutions.

Trubiquity provides business-to-business information exchange solutions that enable enterprises to quickly, simply and efficiently send business information, share files and business processes and sync enterprise data within their businesses and among external partners. The company has particularly deep experience in the automotive, manufacturing, retail and aerospace verticals.

Rocket Software will be hosting webinars on March 11, 2014.  Links for registration are available at www.rocketsoftware.com.

Rocket Software is a global software development firm that builds enterprise products and delivers enterprise solutions in the following segments: Business Information and Analytics; Storage, Networks, and Compliance; Application Development, Integration, and Modernization; and Database Servers and Tools. Rocket is engaged in business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC, Fujitsu, HP Enterprise Services, Hitachi Data Systems, Avaya, Epicor, and many others. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Over the last 19 years, Trubiquity has built a reputation for delivering solutions that ensure that the right data is delivered in the right format at the right time, both within a company and between companies.  These solutions fit well with our data access and integration offerings, and we welcome our new customers and look forward to supporting them and introducing them to the broader Rocket portfolio of products.

Andy Youniss
President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Software