• Based in Germany, SAFECHEM provides services and products related to the safe and sustainable use of solvents for cleaning heavily machined metal components
  • Under the ownership of CBPE Capital – a UK based private equity firm – SAFECHEM has invested significantly into its ongoing expansion and innovation, which has enabled the business to strengthen its market position and enhance its product offerings
  • Backed by Stirling Square Capital and DBAG, Itelyum is an Italian based leader for the circular economy through the management and recycling of industrial waste


  • CBPE Capital engaged DC Advisory as exclusive sell-side advisor to examine strategic options for their investment in SAFECHEM
  • To cater for SAFECHEM’s unique business model and the current economic environment, DC Advisory ran a tailored auction process with selected buyers
  • DC Advisory leveraged its extensive experience in the Industrials chemicals space to assist CBPE and SAFECHEM‘s management to find a new home for the company


  • In February 2024, CBPE Capital signed and completed the successful sale of 100% of SAFECHEM to Itelyum
  • Itelyum’s acquisition of SAFECHEM creates growth opportunities for both parties, and should enable SAFECHEM to further accelerate the development of new innovative solutions
  • The transaction further demonstrates DC Advisory’s strong track record of providing comprehensive and tailored sell-side advice in the chemicals service sector and supporting companies focused on sustainability


“DC Advisory showed great commitment throughout the process. They identified an overseas trade buyer in an adjacent market who saw strategic benefits in the acquisition. They maintained a close exchange with the ultimate buyer which was essential to secure a successful transaction.”

Mathew Hutchinson
Partner, CBPE

“The DC Advisory team really understood the unique business model and the relevant markets in which we operate. In combination with their tireless commitment as well as strategic advice, they played an integral part for delivering a great result and an excellent new home for SAFECHEM.”

Manfred Holzleg
General Manager, SAFECHEM

“It has been a great pleasure to advise CBPE and SAFECHEM on this exciting transaction. SAFECHEM, with its innovative solutions enabling circular economy concepts, is directly driving sustainability in the chemicals sector and we are delighted that we had the opportunity to work closely with the SAFECHEM team and shareholders on finding a new home for the company.”

Dr. Wolfgang Kazmierowski
Managing Director, DC Advisory