KMK Optometry (KMK) is the leading provider of optometry board exam test preparation solutions, exam coaching services and career placement solutions for optometry students. KMK has served optometry students for 20 years and is currently used by the vast majority of optometry students in North America.

Axcel Learning (Axcel) is a professional education business backed by Alpine Investors (Alpine) that focuses on buying, building and operating education companies.

Alpine is a private equity firm investing in software and service businesses with $16 billion of assets under management.


DC Advisory (DCA) advised KMK Optometry (KMK) on its sale to Axcel.

DC Advisory was selected because of its deep expertise in the education technology and healthcare training sectors, including relevant strategic buyer relationships and process execution expertise.

DC Advisory was actively involved from the beginning of this transaction to ensure a successful outcome, which included preparation of materials, management of buyers, organization of third-party diligence and closing the transaction.


Axcel, a portfolio company of Alpine, acquired KMK in March 2024.

This partnership will accelerate the growth of KMK and allow Axcel to expand into the healthcare training vertical within professional education.

KMK marks Axcel’s first acquisition in the healthcare training space.