• Northius is an education group specialized in remote, skill-based learning. They deliver programs through specialized brands, including both regulated and non-regulated vocational education and training (VET), and other higher education programs, predominantly in Spain
  • Since 2020, Northius' revenue has tripled. The company leverages its successful business model, based on proprietary content, a robust technological platform, organic growth capabilities, and a proven track-record of acquisitions and integrations
  • In 2022, Northius launched a greenfield project called CEAC FP, a course-based regulated VET, with face-to-face and hybrid and online offerings. As of May 2024, CEAC FP has launched three flagship sites in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia


  • DC Advisory acted as exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Northius on its refinancing, after having advised the company on its sale to Investindustrial and other add-ons
  • Northius aimed to amend its financing structure to continue pursuing growth opportunities in the market, including the recently launched regulated VET business line


  • DC Advisory refinanced Northius’ debt with its current pool of lenders, negotiating a more favorable repayment calendar, allowing the company to focus on its growth opportunities
  • This transaction closed in May 2024