Esports global revenue is set to grow to $1.1billion in 2020. With the League of Legends 2019 World Championship commanding over 100 million viewers worldwide, the popularity of eSports has further accelerated as a result of the pandemic.

It has already broken into the top 10 of globally most viewed sports, and with audience numbers expected to top 640 million by 2023, it is fast drawing increased investor attention.

How can investors participate in the success of this high growth sector? Do we expect consolidation to pick up as the market starts to mature?

DC Advisory's Nam Quach and Naoto Osugi are joined by experts of the industry, John Needham, Head of Global esports at Riot Games, Kieran Holmes-Darby, Founder and CGO at Excel Esports and Chris Chaney, Managing Partner at C4+, to discuss this exciting sector.

Join us to explore: 

  • The current market landscape  
  • Key participants 
  • Growth drivers

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