DC Advisory collected some of the small but impactful changes they’re making to reduce our carbon footprint around the world in honour of Earth Day last week.

What has DC Advisory done to Make a Difference so far?

By calculating our global carbon footprint, DC Advisory's International Sustainability Committee has set the following targets:

  • By 2025, reduce our carbon footprint by 20%
  • By 2025, eliminate single-use plastics and reduce paper use by 50%
  • By 2030, become a net zero carbon business

As we actively continue to reduce our environmental impact, here are some steps we have taken to create a positive change so far:

  • 54% of our energy is from renewable sources - we aim to purchase 100% to continue reducing carbon footprint
  • 80% reduction in IT energy usage - through the use of efficient technology and power saving updates
  • Adjusted printer settings worldwide to reduce paper consumption - by ensuring double-sided printing and investment into digital resources

DC Advisory's global team demonstrates their commitment to our pledge to the UN SDG 13 'Climate Action'...


Earth Day 2022

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This message is part of DC Advisory's wider commitment to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals to find out more click here > 

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