DC Advisory’s Financial Services team and our panel of experts from Delio, OpenMoney and PortfolioMetrix explore digitalisation in asset & wealth management, and provide their predictions for the sector.

Hosted by DC Advisory UK's Andrew Claymore, key themes discussed included:

Perfect arena for digital disruption

  • Innovation is a preeminent theme across Financial Services as industry players continue to pivot to more efficient and consumer focused technology
  • The speed at which this is implemented is largely dependent on the market in which they operate. Direct to consumer (D2C) markets have the scope to implement new technology instantly across a wide audience, whilst intermediary markets take a more defined and refined approach to new processes, as enterprises are often more cautious when responding to change

APIs take centre-stage

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) are key to open banking and open finance and the availability of real-time customer financial data. As the market continues to be driven by a customer-led approach, it is now paramount to provide consumers with easier ways to manage their finances
  • Currently the US market is leading the charge with API technology and utilisation, and as the UK market looks to catch-up, it is apparent that UK tech players should seek a broader and more collaborative implementation of API technology to drive thematic change rather than piecemeal enhancement

M&A outlook

  • With central banks pursuing tighter monetary policy to combat inflation, our experts expect there could be less money to invest - forcing investors to be more selective when it comes expanding their portfolios
  • Despite this, they anticipate valuations will continue to remain high as investors will continue to pursue M&A to find the ‘missing link’, driven by a fear of missing out on highly attractive assets to competitors. This hunt for innovative players with attractive consumer-led technology will be a key element for valuations remaining high in the sector
  • Investors will continue to pursue a ‘protectionist’ approach, where some could attempt to buy-out disruptive players as a defensive move
  • However, as the market continues to be driven by the consumer, investors will seek to invest in highly ethical players with client-led technology propositions. Likewise, major strategic players will continue to utilise M&A as a core strategy to drive growth

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Digital innovation in Asset & Wealth Management: opportunities & outlook webinar'

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