How do you expect AI to impact businesses?

"The terms 'AI' and 'disruptor' are becoming hard to define, you need to drill deeply into the specifics of what is meant. We see these terms bandied about liberally in transaction collateral, but I think both precision and care are required to define what is meant. With regards to the nature of the AI or the means with which a business disrupts, we need to understand 'how does it add value and to whom?' and 'what problem does it solve?'. Without precision, there is a danger that these words lose their value."

Andrew Claymore
Managing Director, DC Advisory UK

The report focuses on the main questions surrounding the Financial Services space today:

  • Current landscape - what challenges are companies facing? And, are current conditions changing the landscape?
  • Government support - what can the government do to provide support for more businesses in the space?
  • Trends - what are the current trends and exciting areas in the industry?
  • Impact of technology - how do you expect AI to impact businesses?
  • IFA market - why is so much private equity money going into the IFA consolidation route?
  • Takeaways - is the UK financial services sector in good health?

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