DC Advisory US is pleased to announce that its client, Codenomicon, has been acquired by Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS).

Codenomicon is a global leader in providing cybersecurity solutions to organizations that develop, deploy, and defend critical software, services, and infrastructure by enabling organizations to detect, remediate, and mitigate vulnerabilities and cyber threats, it empowers customers and partners to build a more resilient world. Codenomicon’s suite of next-generation security solutions include automated testing tools for proactive vulnerability management and an advanced threat intelligence platform to detect and prioritize malicious cyber-attacks in real time.

“John Roediger and his team were instrumental in understanding the value proposition of Codenomicon,” said David Chartier, CEO of Codenomicon.  

“John and his team worked with the Board and me to develop a strategy that worked for all parties involved.  I am very pleased with the work of DC US and its results.”