• Yahoo Japan Corporation (Yahoo) is a Japanese internet company originally formed as a joint venture between American Yahoo and the Japanese company, SoftBank
  • YJFX Inc. (YJFX) is a company that provides traders with an online trading environment
  • GMO Financial Holdings (GMO) provides online financial services through its subsidiaries, GMO CLICK Securities, FX PRIME by GMO Corporation, GMO Coin etc.


  • DC Advisory (DC) acted as financial advisor to Yahoo, who highly valued DC’s track record from advising previous Yahoo transactions, such as CyberAgent Inc.‘s sale of CyberAgent FX, Inc. (formerly YJFX)
  • DC designed a meticulous negotiation strategy, which led to a maximised price for the shares


  • DC carefully considered each player and kept in close yet flexible communications with potential buyers throughout 
  • Despite a challenging Covid-19 environment, DC facilitated a successful outcome for Yahoo! Japan, reaching a deal value of JPY 28,824m
  • YJFX will also award a dividend of JPY 11,000m to Yahoo! Japan before the effective date of the share transfer