• Analysis of 2020 transaction data through Q3 2020 has signalled support for a continued and steady stream of transactions we believe, into H1 2021
  • While exits are down more than 20% YoY and we face an anticipated 10-year low this CY – we believe there is a backlog of exits ready to go in H1 2021
  • And, while Covid-19 total recovery feels a long way off, the equity markets have reacted positively to the recent news that a Covid-19 vaccine may be available sooner than expected
  • Additionally, sponsors are seeing record levels of uncommitted capital (see graph 1) after hitting 2019 and 2018 highs. This has helped to keep multiples steady on marketed transactions, if not rising on a per deal basis
  • For businesses with strong ‘stories’, interest from sponsors continues to increase, particularly as mid-market restructurings / refinancings have left limited opportunities to fulfil investment horizons going forward
  • Of note is the strength and frequency of inbound strategic inquiries we continue to see from international clients – providing stability in the form of bilateral or cash bid deal currency driven by the longer term investment horizons sought
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Source: PitchBook ‘Private Funds Strategies Report Q2 2020’ [1]







[1] Private Fund Strategies Report Q2 2020, PitchBook, 9 October 2020